At the beginning of last week a gentleman of this town, who resides a part of the year on his estate in the Isle of Man, shut up his house, and embarked, with his family, on board of one of the Glasgow steamers, intending to land at Ramsay. When, however,  the steamer arrived off that port, the wind blew so strong from the eastward that to land was impossible.
The gentleman, who by and by, is  a victim of seasickness had no alternative, therefore, but to proceed to Glasgow, in the full expectation that he would certainly be able to land on the steamer’s return.
He and his family once more embarked about the middle of the week; but, on the steamer’s arriving off Ramsay, the easterly gale again made it impossible to land at that place. So the gentleman, who was desperately sick all the way, was compelled to return to Liverpool, after having been ill-used by the winds and the waves.
To add to his vexation, his own house, having been closed before he set out on his voyage, was not in a state to afford suitable accommodation for himself and his family.
- Liverpool Albion.