There is no truth whatever to the report which has appeared in some of the papers in the north, that the Liverpool wrestling was postponed to Whit-Monday, at Mr. G. BROWN’s, Park Coffee House, Park Road, and not at Mr. BARNES’s where it was previously held; and as a committee, we hear, are exerting themselves to the utmost, most excellent sport is anticipated.
Since we received the above a letter has reached us bearing the signature of Mr. R. BARNES, in which it is stated that wrestling will take place at the Cattle Market on Wednesday.
It would appear that the committee men who have conducted the annual wrestling for some years, and, as they say, without the slightest remuneration, or a wish for pay, have removed the Liverpool annual wrestling to Mr. BROWN’s in consequence of Mr. BARNES claiming the power to appoint a committee, collect subscriptions and manage the whole business himself.
- Bell’s Life in London.