A labourer of the name of Allan MAIR, about 82 years of age, residing at Candyend, near Avonbridge, in this county, was apprehended last week on a charge of murder, perpetrated under the following circumstances: -
It appears that on the morning of Sunday, the 14th instant, a quarrel arose between him and an old woman who lived with him as his wife, concerning some trifling circumstance, when he swore at her and beat her dreadfully on the head, arms and chest with a large stick. The neighbors, hearing her cries ran to the spot to render her assistance, but MAIR on learning their intention, with horrid imprecations, threatened to shoot anyone who should approach. They were thus compelled to desist, as he was known to be a reckless person and to possess firearms.
In the morning, however,  information was given to the police, who proceeded to the house, and finding the woman very ill in bed, immediately took MAIR into custody. Her arms and chest were dreadfully lacerated, and her head bruised, and the injuries altogether of a nature so severe that she lingered in great agony till early on Tuesday morning, when she died.
A post mortem examination of the body immediately took place, and we understand the report of the medical gentlemen was, that the woman died in consequence of the injuries she received. MAIR  has been examined by the Sheriff and fully committed to Stirling gaol on a charge of murder.
- Stirling Advertiser.