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It is rumored that the noble Marquis, who has signified his adhersion to the “New Secession,” has resolved to make a contribution of £10,000 to its funds.
- Glasgow Chronicle.
Mr. Richard BUTLER, of North Bierley, has a cow which, in the space of forty-six weeks, has given birth to six calves. At the first birth were two wyes and a bull; one of the former died. At the second two bulls and one wye, and one of the bulls died; so that the mother and her four calves (two wyes and two bulls) are all doing well. This is said to be the most singular circumstance of the kind ever known.
- Wakefield Journal.
Trades people and others who keep spring vehicles for market convenience would do well to recollect, that coach builders are obliged to make an annual return of all vehicles sold ny them to the general tax office in London, in order that the buyers may be immediately assessed; and unless they have complied with the letter of the law, the present surveyors will not allow the exemption.

The 23rd regiment, 1st Battalion, the 71st ditto, ditto, and the 85th regiment go from Canada to the West Indies, to relieve the 47th, 59th, and 92nd Regiments, to be brought home. The reserve battalion 45th regiment goes to Gibraltar, to replace the 48th regiment, which is to proceed to Jamaica to replace the 2nd battalion 60th rifles, which goes to Canada to relieve the 68th regiment ordered home.

It is with great delight we have to state that we have seen a letter from India, which flatly contradicts the report of the murder of Messrs. CONNOLLY and STODHART by the barbarians in Bockhara. The account comes via Meshid, and is grounded on letters received by certain Jewish houses in that place. The writer has no doubt of their veracity.
-Dublin Evening Post.

 Notice has been given that the thirteenth meeting of this Institution will commence in Cork on Thursday, the 17th of August next, when the committee of sections will meet daily from Thursday the 17th to Wednesday the 23rd, inclusive, at ten a.m.. The sections will also meet daily from Thursday the 17th to Tuesday the 22nd, inclusive at eleven a.m.; and the general evening meetings will be held on Thursday the 17th, and Wednesday the 23rd, at eight p.m.

The Journal de Calais, of the 24th ult states, that an ingenious fraud was discovered by chance at Boulogne during the last week.
A quantity of British lace, enclosed in leaden boxes, conveyed by fishing boats, was thrown carelessly on the shore and covered with seaweed. At a convenient opportunity persons were sent to carry the boxes into Boulogne, which was done by concealing them in carts of sand.
At Calais, a quantity of tuille concealed in beer barrels, constructed with a double bottom, was discovered by a custom-house officer, who having some suspicions, pierced them with a sound.
Criminals able to read, claimed the benefit of clergy, and then a passage was given them to read from the Scriptures. The passage actually read on such occasions is a subject of some doubt; or perhaps the custom differed in various places, the first verse of the psalm li. “Miserere mei,” &c., was often selected, and from that consequence acquired the nickname of “the neck verse.”
It is stated, however, on the authority of Lord BACON, that the Bishop was to prepare the book, and the judge was to turn to what part he thought proper. The benefit of clergy was entirely abolished by the 7th and 8th George IV. Cap. 28.

In the bail Court on Friday, Mr. HENDERSON moved the Court to strike an attorney off the roll, under the following circumstances: -
It appeared from the affidavit that the applicant was an attorney, and a very young man, who was lately left a property to the amount of £3,000 a year. He became indebted to a considerable amount, in consequence of certain gambling transactions in which he was involved. The attorney against whom the application was made was a friend of the applicant’s family, and he said he compounded with those to whom the money was lost, for £5,000.
The applicant was subsequently induced to play with the attorney, sometimes by themselves, and sometimes in the presence of other parties, till he lost £12,000. It was sworn that the attorney used at one time false dice, and at another time false cards.
Rule nisi granted.