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About half past ten o’clock on Friday night, the policeman on guard at SCOTT’s premises, Leatherhead, discovered a man on the dung heap near the stables. To get there he must have climbed palings seven or eight feet high, and as this circumstance alone was calculated to excite strong suspicion, he was immediately secured.
On being searched, a box of lucifers, a rough kind of knife (magnified by report into a jimmy) and a bottle containing vinegar, or something very closely resembling it, were found; the fellow accounted for them in a very satisfactory manner.
He was consequently remanded, but was brought up for re-examination on Monday morning. After hearing the evidence, pro and con (very little of the former), he was sentenced to three months imprisonment under the vagrant act.
We understand that the contents of the bottle have been analyzed, but nothing poisonous or narcotic detected.