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We have to announce that Friday, (to-day), the second of June, is appointed for the christening of the infant Princess. The baptismal ceremony is to take place at the new Chapel Royal at Buckingham Palace. His Grace, the Archbishop of Canterbury will officiate at the ceremony, assisted by the Bishop of London. The Earl of Jersey, the Earl of Liverpool, and other leading officers of the Royal household, are commanded to be in attendance at twelve o’clock on that day. Her Royal Highness, the Dutchess of Gloucester is to be one of the sponsors, but who the other sponsors are has not transpired.
We are informed that the interesting event will be conducted as privately as possible, consistent with the illustrious birth of the Royal infant. The Queen Dowager, their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Gloucester, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Princess Augusta, Prince George, and the Grand Duke of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, and the principal ministers of state, are invited to the solemnity.
Her Royal Highness will, we understand, be called Alice Maud Mary, three names indisputably English, and the first and last of which have been long popular. Perhaps even the second, so long generally disused, may thus be restored to its former favour.
- London Paper.