A frightful death occurred at Hanwell Lunatic Asylum on Sunday week. Miss. Jane Sarah COLLINS, whose mind has been wandering on religious subjects, came to visit her brother-in-law, Dr. CONOLLY, on Saturday.
Next morning, it being daylight, he was awakened by her coming into the room and asking for a light, as she thought it necessary to burn herself; and she added, that she had been thinking of throwing herself out the window. Seeing him make a motion to get out of bed, she ran upstairs. He slipped on a dressing gown and followed her, and on reaching her room, he found her in the act of springing out of the window. He caught her by the wrist, held her, as she hung, for twenty minutes, screaming for help; but no one came, and he was obliged to let her fall a height of fifty feet. She never moved again. She had a notion that if she destroyed herself on Palm Sunday she would be saved.
A Coroner’s jury returned a verdict of “accidental death.”