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On Sunday afternoon, about two o’clock, the metropolis was visited by a violent storm. The wind blew in violent gusts from the north-east, which were followed by loud claps of thunder and vivd flases of lightening. The rain fell in torrents mingled with hail. The storm continued to rage for nearly an hour.
Great destruction of property befell several of the market-gardeners in the suburbs; an immense quantity of glasses were broken on the extensive grounds of the market-gardener, near Mill-Pond, Rotherithe, by the force of the hail stones, and will require a considerable outlay to replace them.  Several of the old trees of Richmond Park and the gardens in the vicinity were blown down. It is not yet known the extent of the injury done in other places.
The tide was also of unusual height, several of the cellars and kitchens, inhabited by poor people in Bankside and Wapping, were completely inundated.
- Mark Lane Express.