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Last week, whilst miners were engaged exploring Connahill, which is situate on the borders of this country, within a few miles of Gorey, they came in contact with a cave, which, on examination, proved to be one hundred and eighty feet long, and six and a half feet high, the greater part being cut through the solid rock. The orifice is near the base of the mountain, and the cave, instead of presenting a horizontal plane,  sharply ascends to its termination.
That it has been the work of art and not nature, is to be fairly presumed from the fact, that at the ned, where it is bounded by the solid rock, there is a large bench at the base, in which three holes are “jumped,” such as are usually made for blasting but the oldest inhabitant of the neighbourhood can give no information whatever on the subject, its entire history being involved in the mist of time.
- Wexford Independent.