Cockles have not been so numerous as they are this season on Ulverston stands since the long frost, some five years ago. They are this month in perfection, and considered very beneficial to some complaints of young children.

The second reading of this bill, which has attracted so much attention in the House of Commons and with the public, was to have taken place on Wednesday, but Mr. MACKINNON, to whom the bill had been entrusted declined ‘for reasons’ to proceed with it, and the second reading in consequence stands over.

On Saturday morning the St. George Steam Packet Company’s steamer Hercules, Captain MOWLE, arrived at her moorings off the St. George Steam Packet Wharf, Lower East Smithfield, from Cronstadt and Copenhagen, with a full cargo. Part of the Hercules’ cargo consisted of upwards of £100,000 in gold half imperials, the remainder of her cargo being wholly bristles, packed in casks.

There will be an election of four scholars on Monday, June 12. Candidates must be above 16 and twenty years of age; and will be required to present, in person, to the president, certificates of baptism and testimonials of conduct, together with a Latin epistle to request permission to offer themselves at nine o’clock on Wednesday morning, June 7, when the examination will begin.


Last night the western neighbourhood of Birmingham was considerably excited and alarmed by rumours of disturbances amongst the turn-out nailors of Broomsgrove and the adjoining districts of Cradley, Stourbridge, &c. About seven o’clock a detachment of the First Royal Dragoons under Captain PEEL (nephew of the premier) left Birmingham at a band gallop, and arrived in Broomsgrove about half past eight. But up to that time no disturbances had actually taken place.

The difference of value, whether a manure heap be left in the ordinary way, or whether it be covered over with road scrapings, sand, coal ashes, or even with soil at hand, is estimated at upwards of fifty per cent in favour of this system.
The object to be obtained is, to preclude  the gaseous properties of the manure from escaping. It is stated that salt water, poured over dung-heaps, will fix the ammonia; if so, the end is very readily attained, and at a cheap rate.

A short time ago Mr. Edward INGAMELLS, of Eastville picked upwards of 200 of these destructive insects from cabbage stalks which had been recently ploughed up, and kept them closely shut up without sustenance. On opening, on the 22nd inst. The receptacle in which they had been enclosed (after a period of five weeks), they were found to all be living. They have since been separated; one part being fed upon a slice of raw potato, whilst the others were destined to live upon air, with a view of testing their vitality.

A list of fifty eight names has lately been added to the commission of the peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire, by Lord WHARNCLIFFE, the Lord Lieutenant. Of the 58 nine are clergymen.