The following is an extract of a letter from Perth, dated on Friday. We should hope that the statements which it contains are exaggerated: -
“Last night, a dreadful riot took place in this town, in consequence of a quarrel between some of the trades lads and the soldiers (we believe of depot of the 68th.) A party of the military sallied out of the barracks, and in revenge attacked the people with swords (query, bayonets) and sticks, when a fearful commotion ensued.
The constables were called out, and the provost had the Riot Act read. The riot, however, was not quelled before the soldiers were severely beaten, and a number of the constables so seriously injured that they are not expected to recover; indeed I have heard that some of them are already dead.
There are several of the soldiers in prison; and it is said that the military are ordered to be removed from the town, which, it is hoped, will take place without further mischief, though this is greatly feared by many people here.”
-Caledonian Mercury.