The family of the BIRDS, who claim the Brougham Hall property, made last week, a further demonstration  towards asserting their right to the estates. On the 23rd ult., the father, five sons and a nephew, all bearing the name of BIRD, made their appearance on the estate at about half past nine o’clock in the morning entered the hall, and took possession of the kitchen, when the old man deliberately took out his pipe and began smoking; and when remonstrated with said, “he was in his own house, and thought he might do as he pleased.”
The parties had the appearance of mechanics, and it was ascertained that they came from Ashton on the Line. The inmates of the Hall immediately wrote to Lord BROUGHAM’s solicitors, Messrs. BLEAYMIRE & Son, of Penrith, who attended and took down the names of the intruders - and it would appear that they subsequently wrote to London for instructions. We presume these arrived on Friday morning, for Mr. BLEAYMIRE then came to the Hall, and ejected the whole family of the BIRDS with very little ceremony; but not without some resistance on their part. They left in high dudgeon, vowing they would come again, and bring a force sufficient to enable them to keep possession of the Hall.
We understand the pretensions of these parties is not confined to Brougham Hall only, but include also a large part of Clifton BIRD said his next step will be to distrain upon Lord BROUGHAM’s goods at the Hall, and sell them, unless his lordship replevies; but in the meantime the old BIRD and his brood have been provided with a nest in Appleby gaol. They were brought before the magistrates on Wednesday, and held to bail, on a charge of putting the lady of the Rev. Gilbert ELLIOT, who resides at the Hall, in bodily fear, and five of the younger were in default committed to Appleby gaol.