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At a visitation held at Appleby some few years ago, a dissenting gentleman, presented himself before the proper officer to receive his appointment as churchwarden of a neighboring (next line is missing due to fold in paper), the custom of oath administered to churchwardens on their admission to office, the gentleman hesitated, and eventually refused to proceed, and on being asked the reason of his refusal, replied, “I am a dissenter.”
The officer, not considering his plea a valid one, desired him to assign a better reason, when the gentleman impertinently answered, “ “The only satisfaction I will give you is, that I will not take the oath.” The officer, smiling, replied that he was at present satisfied with his plea, but begged that he would hold himself in readiness to take a ride to his office on some future day, when and where he had no doubt, they would arrange matters quickly and amicably.
The idea of an expensive ride of from thirty to forty miles, completely upset our dissenter’s religious scruples, and it is hardly necessary to add, he immediately swallowed the bitter pill.