The following is a list of letters now lying at the Post Office, the owners of which cannot be found: -
Mr. Joseph LANCASTER, Carlisle.
Mr. Matthew DRIPPS, Carlisle, England.
Sarah DERKIN, Cumberland
Mrs. FORD, Neasher Mill, Hayton.
Mr. Robert CLARK, Bleacher, Dalston
Mr. John LITTLE, near Carlisle, in Euber, Cumberland.
Mr. BELL, currier, Scotch Street, Carlisle
Mary LASHNEY, Carlisle
Mr. R. LIVEENY, Dyer, Castle Street, Carlisle, Cum.
Mr. J. HARKNESS, Neilsfield, Carlisle.
Mr. John FRASER, South End, Wigton, Cumberland, old England.
Mr. Guy WARRICK, Carlisle, Cumberland
Mr. John TODD, Carlisle
Mr. William RODEN, Carlisle
Mr. Joseph CARNARRON, Carlisle
Mr. ELWORTH, Carlisle
Mr. J. McKENSIE, Carlisle.
Mr. James SCOTT, Carlisle
Messrs. BAGSTER & Sons, Carlisle
Petes DUFF, Butches Gate, to the care of Jack BURNS.