There has lately been placed, in the handsome new church at Calderbridge, a splendid new barrel and finger organ, built by Mr. RUSSELL, of Grey’s Inn Terrace, London. This beautiful and fine toned instrument was purchased by Captain IRVING, of Calder Abbey, at his own expense, and presented to the church.
On Wednesday last, Martha DAVIDSON was committed by Robert BRISCO, Esq., to Carlisle gaol, charged with stealing a silk handkerchief from her master, Mr. Robert MURRAY, of Tarnrigg Moor.
On Tuesday afternoon  as a little boy aged 5 years, son of Mr. HAMILTON of the Bush Hotel, was returning from school he was knocked down in the Market-place by a carriage - of which the horses had become unmanageable, and it was speedily found that the child’s thigh was severely fractured.
He was immediately conveyed home, and we are happy to learn is going on in all respects favorably.