MR. R. B. HETHERINGTON has been instructed by Mr. W. BACKHOUSE, of the Wath, Silloth, who is retiring from farming, and going abroad, to SELL, by AUCTION, on Wednesday, February 11th, the whole of the STOCK, CROP, IMPLEMENTS, &c., comprising:
50 Head of Cattle, viz.: -- 13 Present Calving Cows, 3 Back-end Calving Cows, 4 Geld Cows (fat), 13 Two-year-old Heifers, 6 Heifer Stirks, 4 Bullock Stirks, 1 White Bull, 14 months old; 1 Roan Bull, 10 months old; 1 Roan Bull, "Prizeman," three years old, perfectly useful (38955), bred by Mr. Angus BROMLEY.
Lot                                            HORSES.
  1. -- Black Horse, aged, quiet in all work.
  2. -- Bay Mare, 5 years old, 16 h. h.  (by Mr. Moffat's Wallace.)
  3. -- Bay Horse, 5 years old, 16 1½ h. h. (by Mr. Moffat's Wallace.)
  4. -- Bay Horse, 4 years old, 16 h. h.  (by Mr. Moffat's Wallace.)
  5. -- Grey Hackney Mare, 14.2 h.h., by Professor Airey, a clever fencer and goes well in harness.
  6. -- 1 Brown Colt, rising two years old, by Simon Pure.
  7. -- 1 Bay Filly, by Wallace.
  8. -- 1 Brown Filly, two years old, by Prince Charlie.
LEICESTER SHEEP. -- 18 Leicester Ewes, in lamb to a Leicester Tup; 12 Leicester Gimmer Hoggs; 1 Lincoln Tup.
PIGS. -- 2 Sows in pig.
CROP. -- 8 Stacks of Wheat, 4 Stacks of Potato Oats, 2 Stacks of New Land Hay.  The above are of large dimensions and well secured.  100 tons of Swede Turnips, and 20 of Mangold Wurtzels.
IMPLEMENTS. -- 3 Carts, with shelvings, complete; Cart Harness and Ploughing Gear, Reay's Combined Mowing Machine, 3 Single Ploughs, 1 Double Furrow Plough (by Armstrong), 1 Double Plough, Stitch Grubber, Stitch Harrow, Hay Rake, and the Barn Requisites, and the whole of the Dairy Utensils.
Luncheon on the table at 11 o'clock.  Sale to commence at 12:30 prompt.
CONDITIONS. -- Three Months' Credit on all separate sums above £5, or 3d in the £ Discount for Cash.
The above Cattle having been viewed by the Auctioneer, he can with confidence recommend them to admirers of good stock.  The cows are in calf to Prizeman 38955; they are nice in colour, full of hair, plenty of bone, and good symmetry -- a class of Cattle rarely to be met with.  Prizeman 38955 bred by Mr. ANGUS, of Bromley.  The sires used previously were bred by the late Mr. George MOORE, Messrs CADDY, BUCKBANK, and TODD.
The Horses are a very useful class, and not made up for Sale.
Arrangements have been made for a special train to leave Silloth at 7:30 p.m. on the above day, calling at all Stations.
7, Portland Square, Carlisle.