We have chronicled, from time to time, as they occurred, the Church riots in the neighboring counties of Ross and Cromarty, and we have now the satisfaction to announce that the immediate actors have been brought to submission, and that peace and order have been restored.
The steamer Modern Athens, which the Lord Advocate placed at the disposal of the local authorities, to convey troops, prisoners, and stores, as might be necessary, has already left our coast; and the party of the 87th regiment, sent north under the command of Captain KIDD to quell the riots, have been withdrawn to Fort George, to be quartered there over winter, within a few hours march of any part of the disturbed district. But is may be predicted, pretty confidently, that their further services will not be required.
The minister of Logie, who but a fortnight ago, had to seek in flight for safety from a misguided populance, preached last Sabbath, we hear, in his own pulpit, without any one to make him afraid; and we have no doubt that the induction of the ministers of the parishes which are still vacant will proceed without interruption.
- Inverness Courier.