It is stated, that on the first day of term, the Attorney- General is to send up bill of indictment against Mr. O’CONNELL and others to the City of Dublin Term Grand Jury. In the event of a trial, Mr. O’CONNELL is to address the Jury on his own behalf. Mr. SHEIL has been retained among the Council for the defence.

The directors of the Liverpool docks have given notice that if any of the men employed either in the docks or in the police shall take any part in the repeal movement of O’CONNELL, they shall be discontinued from any further occupation in their service. The same notice has been given at Bristol.

An inspection of pensioners took place on Wednesday, at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham. The men were arranged in three classes, and the names of those deemed fit for service  are to be returned to Governemnt immediately.

His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant presided at the Privy Council, held at four o’clock yesterday, at Dublin Castle, when it was agreed that a proclamation shall issue, fixing the 13th of November next as the day whereon the Arms Bill shall come into operation.


Mr. John DOOLEY, a respectable victualler in Bruff, and a repeal warden, sold a quarter of prime beef to Dr. John FITZGERALD, of that town, last week, to be paid for when the repeal of the Union is carried, at the rate of 2s 6d per lb. The quarter weighs over 120lbs.

We are happy to announce that it is the intention of the executive to put down all repeal bands in Ireland, no matter whether existing under the convenient name of temperance bands or not - as experience has proved that they were established for political purposes, and their green liveries are adopted as the symbol of revolution. What will they do with their national uniform.
- Drogheda Conservative.

The Northern Star ( Feargus O’CONNOR’s paper) of Saturday thus describes the attitude which the Chartists will assume in reference to the present position of Ireland: -
“If ministers attempt to coerce  Ireland, 500,000 of English Chartists will remonstrate against this attempt, but they will not again place themselves in the position of being marked as ‘wretches deserving the notice of the Attorney General.’ No, they have profited by experience, and they will perish to a man before they will allow 500,000 of their fighting men to enlist in a depot’s ranks.”