The celebrated Mr. MATHEW, mentioned in Sheridan’s life of Swift, was a gentleman of princely hospitality, and resided at Thomastown  Castle. It was his whim to have his mansion fitted up as a hotel, and the guests might do as they pleased, as he seldom headed his own table, but behaved as one of the company.
There were forty bedrooms - a large coffee room, with a bar and waiters - a detached tavern for the votaries of Bacchus. There was a daily ordinary, at which the guests might assemble if they did not dine in private. There were two billiard tables, fishing tackle, guns &c., buck-hounds and harriers, and twenty choice hunters in the stable. There was also a bowling green on the demense; and Swift was so delighted with the place, that instead of a fortnight he remained there four months.
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