The Times, Thursday, Mar 15, 1866; pg. 11; Issue 25446; col G

                         THE LOSS OF THE LONDON.


                        TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES.

Sir, - I have just read in your issue of last Saturday a paragraph stating that the body of a young woman, on whose linen the name “Emily DEBENHAM,” was found, had been washed ashore on the French coast, and that no such person was a passenger in the ill-fated London. I am able to state that Mrs. DEBENHAM and her husband were passengers in that vessel, and that Mrs. DEBENHAM (née Emily LANGDON) was well-known to me from her early youth, and was my fellow-passenger (with her husband and a nephew) in the last homeward passage from Sydney of the Duncan Dunbar.

          I am, Sir, your obedient servant,

               W. H. WALSH, Canon of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.

Longparish, Hants, March 13.