The Times, Friday, Jan 19, 1866; pg. 9; Issue 25399; col F

                    TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES.

Sir, - It is time that our shipbuilders learnt to construct vessels for their safety as well as speed.

The sad loss of the London steamer shows that the “crack liners” with their 60 days’ passages, are not the safest in a great storm.

That ill-fated steamer and the Amalia foundered from the sea breaking into their bunkers and engine-rooms.

I would suggest that all sea-going steamers should have their engine-rooms protected by a movable half-inch wrought iron shield, which could be made to run out from just below the deck in case of need, and which would completely and securely cover the open space when the hatchways were carried away by the violence of the sea.

Ventilation might be provided in a modified form, but surely some discomfort would be better than being drowned like kittens in a pail.

These continued mishaps to “fine steamers” will make both passengers and underwriters prefer the old-fashioned “sailers”.

I am, Sir, yours, obediently,

                                    AN UNDERWRITER.

Lloyds, E.C., Jan.18.