The Times, Wednesday, Jan 03, 1866; pg. 5; Issue 25385; col G

                               THE GALE.


                                        PLYMOUTH, TUESDAY EVENING.

It has been blowing strong for several days. A heavy gale commenced this morning from the south-west, and veered with increased force to the southward. The storm signal, a cone reversed, has been up all day. The frigate Galatea, lying just inside the breakwater, with top-gallant-mast struck, parted a chain, but was soon brought up again. All the merchant ships in the Sound have two-anchors down. The ship Zimi, which left Liverpool a month since for Bombay, put back here this afternoon leaky, with loss of boats, bulwarks, and one man drowned. The screw-steamer London, from London for Melbourne, due here to-day, has not arrived. The Duke of Cornwall, ready to start at 4 this afternoon for Dublin, is detained.