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At the Wigton Police Court on Friday, John STUBBS, dock labourer,  at
Silloth, but who comes from Longtown, was charged with stealing £4  10s  in gold and
some silver from the person of David PUGH, master of the Amity, of  Carnarvon,
now lying in the dock. Mr. M’KEEVER appeared on behalf of the  prisoner.

 It appeared that the prosecutor and three shipmates had been in the  
Waverley Hotel at different times and had had several glasses of ale, but he was  not
drunk. About six o’clock in the evening he lay down on the sofa and fell  
asleep, and did not awake for about an hour, when he found prisoner’s hand in  
his pocket. Saw him take something out of his pocket, but could not say it was  
his purse, but missed his purse at the time, and told the landlady of his
loss.  He gave information to Police-constable SLEE, who apprehended the  prisoner.

Police-constable SLEE said that when he apprehended the prisoner he denied  
having robbed PUGH, and no money of any kind was found upon him.

The Bench, finding that the prisoner’s lodgings had not been searched,  
remanded him until Saturday, when he was discharged.