A meeting of Mr. SPARKS creditors was held at the Trevelyan  Hotel,
Darlington, on Saturday morning.

 Mr. Charles F. TAYLOR, of Preston, solicitor to the liquidator of the  
Lancashire and Yorkshire Loan and Discount Company, creditors for about £24,000,  
submitted to the meeting a special resolution desiring the court to grant the  
debtor his discharge.

 The majority of the creditors present in person and by proxy being  
unfavorable to this resolution, it was withdrawn. Mr. TAYLOR then proposed a  
resolution to adjourn the meeting to Preston. This was objected to, on the  ground
that Preston was inconvenient  to a majority of the creditors.

 Mr. TAYLOR’s being “an ordinary resolution,” he was able to carry it  by a
majority in value. The meeting stands adjourned to Wednesday, the 15th  
November at Preston.