For greater convenience, and in order that the interests of our  Workington
subscribers and advertisers may be properly attended to, our  BRANCH-OFFICE in
the town will in future be at the shop of Mr. J. E. CARMICHAEL,  News Agent,
Finkle-Street, who will forward to the Head-Office any  advertisements or
communications intended for insertion in the Paper.


The Parliamentary notices which are now being published will have  informed
the public of the various schemes which are now engaging the attention  of the
railway world. The Cleator and Workington Company again appear in the  field
this year. Their scheme is of a more complete and comprehensive character  than
the one of last year, which was defeated in the House of Lords.

 A junction at Brayton - the Gibraltar of the north - is (amongst  other
things) to be effected if possible. Should the Cleator Company succeed in  this,
and also in obtaining running powers over the Solway Junction and North  
British Lines to Carlisle, it is probable that a very large amount of coke  traffic,
which has hitherto gone over the Maryport and Carlisle Line, will be  
diverted from that Company.