At the resumed Miner’s Conference at Manchester on Saturday, the  question of
restricting the output of coal was considered. What conclusion was  arrived
at it is not deemed prudent to state, but a National Conference is to be  held
in Leeds on the 5th December to deliberate on the matter.

By resolution the Conference pledged itself to give moral and financial  
support to any mining district which is forced to strike in order to enforce a  
demand for advanced wages, and a committee was appointed whose special duty it  
will be to keep a vigilant eye on the wages question.

At a meeting of some 5,000 miners of the Oldham and the Ashton District  held
at Bardsley on Saturday, a resolution was passed in favour of the  
restriction of the output, and urging the Miner’s Federation to take steps for  the
purpose of inducing all mining centres in Great Britain to act in unison on  the