At the Workington Police-court on Wednesday, William  SATTERTHWAITE, Edward
SINGERS, Daniel NUGENT, Samuel KANE and Robert O’HARE,  five boys, were charged
with having committed willful damage to 43 iron railings  - by breaking them
on Sunday last - the property of Mr. H. F. CURWEN, of  Workington Hall.

 All of the defendants with the exception of SINGERS pleaded  guilty.

 George MORTON and Police-constable HETHERINGTON proved that the  defendants
had broken 43 railings in Bury-street, on the Marsh, on Sunday night  last.

 The estimated cost of replacing the broken railings was £3, but the  damage
was only laid at £2.

 The magistrates ordered each of the boys to pay 15s., the costs and  the
damage in each case.