On Tuesday  evening last, the first of the third series of  lectures for the
winter season was delivered in the George Moore Memorial Hall,  Mealsgate, by
Mr. Thomas THOMPSON, of Maryport. Mr. T. P. MARTIN presided, and  there was a
fair attendance.

The Chairman, in opening the proceedings, said it needed no words of his to  
introduce the lecturer. They all knew Mr. THOMPSON, not only as a public  
speaker, but also as a writer of several works which had obtained a wide  
circulation, and as the Editor of the Maryport Advertiser. He expressed a hope  that
the lectures in that hall would prove as successful this season as they had  
done in previous ones.

Mr. THOMPSON then proceeded with the delivery of his lecture, which was  
attentively listened to and frequently applauded. At the close the Chairman  
proposed a vote of thanks to the lecturer. The motion was seconded by Mr. J.  PENN
and carried unanimously. Mr. THOMPSON, in replying, said the gentleman to  
whose memory that hall was dedicated was a personal friend of his own, and he  
felt sure that if the wishes of Mr. MOORE had been consulted he would have  
desired no better monument than a building in which efforts were made to improve  
the social and moral condition of the people of Mealsgate.

The motion was seconded by a gentleman in the body of the hall, and carried  
unanimously. The meeting was then concluded.