There was a wild screech by “two Conservatives in the November number  of
the Fortnightly Review on the subject to the Tory leadership.

 Both the writers complain that the chiefs of the party have no means  of
gauging public opinion successfully and one of them concludes thus: -

 “Possibly by some united action on the part of the Conservative party  a
leader may be chosen by a common suffrage of both Peers and Commons, who may  
guide the policy, command the confidence, and enlist the loyalty of politicians,  
both inside and outside the House of Parliament. The Lords follow a Lord of  
their own choice. The Commons do not implicitly follow a Commoner who was
chosen  for them, though there is as yet no active disaffection towards him.

 But whom does the party follow? Joint action does not attract joint  
loyalty. Elijah’s mantle has been torn in two, and until the pieces are joined  there
can be no cohesion in the Conservative ranks.”