On Monday night last the members of I. O. G. T. “Hope” Lodge, No. 106,  held
their weekly session in the Templar’s Hall, at high Seaton. The lodge was  
opened in due form by the W. C. T. Brother J. SHILTON. There was an average  
attendance. One visitor was present. The officers of the Lodge were elected for  
the ensuing quarter. The following programme was gone through: -

Song, “Charming Bessie,” Brother J. FLETCHER, jun.

Reading, “Paddy and the butter,” B. WELLS

Song, “Renounce the wine cup,” T. EVANS

Reading, “No grumbling,” I. FLETCHER

Humn, “A charge to keep I have,” Sister Isabel FLETCHER

Reading, “The 63rd chapter of Isaiah,” Brother I. BACON

Hymn, “What a friend I have in Jesus,” T. EVANS

Reading, “On temperance,” Brother J. MOORE.