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A wedding party were making merry one evening this week, and  one of the
invited guests, whose eyes seem to have been dazzled by the extra  number of
lights in use to warn people of the danger of a too near acquaintance  with the
sewerage works, slipped into one of the cuttings.

It was soon evident he was not killed, and it was found that  he was none the
worse for his fall.



A very curious looking mangold - wurtzel was taken up by Mr. RICHARDSON, of  
Kirkland last week. It was a well grown plant, about one inch and a half in  
diameter at the thickest part. It has grown through a large door key, which is  
almost hidden by the root growing on each side to twice the diameter of the
ring  of the key.



The contractors for the waterworks scheme have pushed on the work  
vigorously. Six public fountains are erected, and it is expected that water will  be
carried into the school and school-master’s house and the cottages at the new  
pit. It is expected that the pipes will all be laid this week, but the tank is  
not fixed yet.