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The ordinary monthly meeting of the members of the Local  Branch of the
Liberal Association was held in the Temperance Institute on  Wednesday. There was a
good attendance and a profitable evening was  spent.


The steam tug, which is to succeed the Sir William WALLACE at this  port,
arrived on Sunday morning. She is named the Ganges, and come from  
Newcastle-on-Tyne. A large number of people visited the harbour during the  course of the
day to inspect the new arrival.


A great improvement has been made in the appearance of the Presbyterian  
Church, in the shape of palisading of really artistic design. These have gates  to
match, the pillars of which are surmounted with large and handsome globular  
glass lamps which considerably enhance the value of the improvements.
Internally  the church has been re-colored, &c., and is now as handsome an edifice as  
can be found for miles around.