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 The usual monthly meeting of the Cockermouth and  Workington Joint Water
Committee was held at the Local Board Office, Washington  Street, Workington,
yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. Mr. W. FLETCHER  presided.

 The Chairman made a statement showing that since the  opening of the
waterworks there had been a marked decline in the death rate of  the combined
district over that of the three previous years, showing a total  decrease of 147 with
the same population. Although this subject did not come  within the scope of
their duties, he thought what he had stated would be of  great interest to the
committee and would afford great  satisfaction.

 Mr. Thomas PAISLEY said that he had met Mr. PARKER, Mr.  MARSHALL’s agent,
in reference to the dispute about the lake, and they agreed to  appoint Mr.
RICHARDSON umpire, but they had not yet come to a settlement. He  hoped, however,
they would come to a settlement before the next  meeting.

 The Clerk stated that the following calls had been made:  - Cockermouth
Urban district, £75; Cockermouth rural district, £150; Working ton  £300; and the
rural district £80 for wages. The calls were signed.

 The Chairman said on the last occasion he postponed his  motion in reference
to their application to the Local Government Board in  deference to the
wishes of Mr. BOWES, chairman of the Workington Local Board,  and he was about  to
take the same course again at Mr. BOWES request. He  moved: -

 “That this meeting be resolved into a special committee,  to receive and
consider a proposition from the Workington Local Board in  reference to the water
supply of their district, and report thereon to a future  meeting.”

 Mr. PAISLEY seconded the motion, which was agreed  to.