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(From our  own Correspondent)

Judge: Mr. HEDLEY       Slipper:  T. WILKINSON

The meet for the final day’s work of this meeting took place  yesterday at
Gretna Station, when a start was made on the farm of Guard Mill, in  a large
field where in former years the first day’s work was  commenced.

Here eight capital trials were obtained, and a move along the  road brought
us to Mossband Hall farm, where we finished at 11.30. The mornings  proceedings
were especially noticeable for the way in which all the favorites  went down,
no less than five going down right off the reel.

Mr. HEDLEY judged the meeting faultlessly, and WILKINSON gave  every
satisfaction as slipper, while we must not omit to give word of praise to  Mr. LITTLE,
the flag steward, who was very quick and accurate. Results:  -


Fourth Round. - Mary Morrison bt Hornpipe

Clyde Rocket bt Reaction

Courtoisie bt Handicraftsman

Miami bt Philips Farm

Deciding: - Clyde Rocket bt Mary Morrison

Courtoisie bt Miami (1) Divided.


Fourth Round

Hesketh Bank bt Bed-tick

Hotspur bt Road to Ruin

Jeannie Hornel bt Ellen-foot

For’ard Away bt Phoebe Mayflower

Deciding: - Hotspur bt Hesketh Bank

For’ard Away bt Jeannie Hornel. Divided.