The usual monthly meeting of the members  of the above society was held on
Monday at the Presbyterian School-room,  Kirkby-street. The attendance of
teachers and scholars was above average, and  the attention bestowed on the various
parts of the programme evinced the  interest that was taken in the proceedings.

     Mr. L. ADAIR, the president of the  institution, occupied the chair, and
Mr. George TICKLE presided at the  harmonium. After the singing of “Shall we
gather at the river,” and the offering  of prayer, Issac HUTCHINSON recited a
piece entitled :Farewell to the   tankard,” which was followed by a reading by
Mr. Joseph HINDE, “The rapids of  temperance” by J. B. GOUGH. Then came
another melody from HOYLE’s “Hymns and  Songs,” “I stood beside a mountain
stream,” after which a Band of Hope boy,  David M’GLADDERY, delivered a speech on
temperance, dealing with the folly of  drinking, and the wisdom of tatal
abstinence. He was awarded a vote of thanks  for his address.

     Mr. W. WOON then gave “The house with the  picture hung over the door.”
Then came another melody, “There’s a name to be  won,” to the tune of “My
grandfather’s clock.” The attention of the children was  next directed to a
recitation by Joseph COURTNEY, “The drunkard far worse than  the beast.” A
reading by Mr. Joseph WILLIAMS, entitled, “The wreck,” prefaced by  a short
address and followed by another melody, brought the meeting to a  close.