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To the Editor of the Maryport Advertiser.

Sir, - Now that the donning of the Blue Ribbon is recognized all over  the
country as a great power in promoting sobriety and crushing out the curse of  
drunkenness, it behoves all who profess its principles to give it full effect by
 carrying out to the letter the duties imposed upon its members.

It has gone abroad that the wearing of the external badge is optional and  
not obligatory, and I believe this cowardly shirking has been announced by some  
in high places who profess to encourage the movement but wish to accommodate
the  respectable classes who are half ashamed to have their adherence to the
Army  known.

This half heartedness is not the way to win to our ranks the class we are  
seeking, and I hope our leaders will have the courage of their opinions, and not
 be ashamed of doing good, -

Yours  truly,
B. R. A.