William James HOLLAND, (the younger), of Maryport, carter, was charged with  
having cruelly worked a horse whilst in an unfit condition, on the 6th of  
October last.

Mr. Frederick ROBINSON, Inspector of the Society for the Prevention of  
Cruelty to Animals, said that on the 6th of October he saw the defendant near  
Norman-terrace in charge of a horse which was attached to a cart.

The horse was “shifting” very much and the witness examined it. He found an  
open sore under the saddle about the size of his hand. The saddle was covered
 with pus and quite wet. The horse was in a very bad condition.

Defendant said he was working the horse on his own account, but it belonged  
to his father. He also stated that the horse had been out to grass for three  

Defendant was fined 15s., including costs.