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At the Maryport Police Court, on Friday, Joseph  PATTINSON, innkeeper, of
Maryport, was charged with having, on the 6th of  October, cruelly caused a horse
to be worked whilst in an unfit condition; and  Lawrence MESSENGER, carter,
Maryport, was charged with having cruelly worked the  horse.

Mr. Frederick ROBINSON, Inspector of the Society for the  Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals, said that on the 6th of October he saw the  defendant,
MESSENGER in charge of a horse, which was attached to a two wheeled  cart. Witness
saw, by the manner in which the horse was walking, that it was in  pain, and
asked MESSENGER if it had any sores about it.

Defendant answered that it had no sores on it, and witness  examined it. He
found, on the near side of the back two sores, each about the  size of a half
crown piece, and on the near side of the collar a wound about the  size of a
shilling, and on the off side of the saddle two other wounds. The  animal was in
a very poor condition.

MESSENGER, in answer to witnesses inquiries, said that the  defendant
PATTINSON had sent him out with the horse. Witness had the horse taken  to PATTINSON,
and showed him the wounds. PATTINSON said he told the lad not to  take the
horse out, but MESSENGER said that PATTINSON had told him not to take  it out,
and then countermanded the order.

PATTINSON was fined 20s including costs, and MESSENGER was  fined 10s
including costs.