Every night this week at the Good Templar’s Hall, Dearham, the  teetotalers
have been holding temperance meetings. The meetings commenced by the  friends
of the cause of temperance parading the streets and singing, returning  to the
Good Templars’ Hall to hold a public meeting.

 The principal speaker has been Joshua MOSELY, from Bishop-Auckland, a  man
who has been engaged in the work over sixteen years. This gentleman has been  
assisted by the leading teetotal advocates in the district; those who are to  
take part in them being: -

The Rev. W. WATSON, Cockermouth

J. EASTWOOD, Maryport


M. WALTON, Dearham

W. HINE, Maryport

T. THOMPSON, Maryport.

 The audiences so far have been large, numbers taking the pledge every  night.