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Under the auspices of the members of the Harrington Reading-room and  
Literary Association a concert was given in the Victoria Hall, on Monday  evening.
Fortunately the weather was favorable, and a large company gathered  together.
The Rev. A. F. CURWEN, the rector of the parish, presided, and amongst  the
audience we observed:


Mr. J. R. BAIN

Mr. and Mrs. SIMPSON

Mr. and Mrs. HOWIE

Mr. W. and Miss CARLYLE

Mrs. WODEHOUSE, Distington

Mr. and Mrs. RYRIE, Distington

Mr. and Mrs. MAYHEW


Mr. T. W. and Miss. LITTLE.

The following artistes took part, in the programme: -


Miss. ELLISON of Workington

Miss. SHANKS, Egremont

Miss. L. SUTHERST, Harrington

Mr. W. CARMICHAEL, Whitehaven

Mr. J. R. THOMPSON, Maryport

Mr. BAXTER, Maryport

Mr. ANDERSON, Maryport

Mr. C. H. WALKER, Workington.

Mr. ARMSTRONG, Workington

Mr. KELLETT, Harrington

Mr. R. P. GRAHAM, Harrington


Mrs. WODEHOUSE, Distington

Miss. DITCHBURN, Harrington

Miss. SHANKS, Distington

Dr. CASTLES, Distington

Mr. BENN, Parton

Mr. BATES, Whitehaven

Mr. CLARK, Harrington

The concert was a complete success in every respect, to proceeds amounting  
to £10.