To the Editor of the Maryport Advertiser.

Sir, - A sort of cock and bull story having been set afloat about Mr.  
BRADLAUGH having presented our Working Men’s Reading Room with a copy of  Morley’s “
Life of Cobden,” perhaps the true version may not be unacceptable to  your

Some time ago the Cobden Club, with the view of disseminating the  principles
of free trade, set aside for free gifts a few thousand copies to be  
distributed through the hands of some of our most popular men. Thus, several  copies
were entrusted to Mr. BRADLAUGH.

Seeing this, I thereupon requested him to send me a copy that I might  
present it to our recently established  Working Men’s Reading Room. He,  being a
bookseller and publisher, had his name and address embossed on the title  page. I
was not a little surprised on presenting my gift that it was rejected by  the
committee because it had passed through the hands of Mr. BRADLAUGH!

Now, Mr. BRADLAUGH is quite right in saying he had no hand in presenting it  
to the institution, as I alone am responsible for that grave offence. Who is
the  author of the silly story that has been so industriously circulated I know
not;  but I suspect it has been invented for the purpose of damaging Mr.
BRADLAUGH by  the Nottingham correspondent.

Yours, &c.,
Maryport, November  1st.                                R. A.