This young lady, who has been conducting  mission services in the Primitive
Methodist Chapel, Maryport, during the last  six weeks and attracting very
large audiences of all denominations of  Christians, is, we understand about to
leave Maryport for another engagement  elsewhere.

     Such is her untiring zeal that during her  sojourn here she had a
meeting every night and two on Sunday. She is no  sectarian, but is willing to
minister at any church where she may be called to  do her Master’s work. This
cosmopolitan principle has gained hera  host of  friends, who by spontaneous
feeling subscribed and purchased for her a beautiful  gold watch as a testimonial of
their appreciation of her services.

     About a dozen of the principal subscribers  met on Wednesday night at
Mr. Joseph KENDALL’s, where Miss. INMAN has been  staying. Mr. ADAIR, acting on
behalf of the committee and other subscribers,  after a few complimentary
observations, presented the young lady with the watch  and jet guard.

     Miss. INMAN in her modest and unobtrusive  manner received the gift,
adding that such a mark of kindness from comparative  strangers was quite
unexpected, and would be remembered with a feeling of  gratitude, and would prove a
pleasing momento of her visit to Maryport where she  had made so many friends.
This mark of their approval, she said, would stimulate  her to greater
exertions in the path which she had chosen. She again thanked  them heartily for
their beautiful present, assuring them that she would treasure  it to the latest
hour of her life, not so much for its intrinsic value, but as  embodying the
good wishes and kind feeling of her Maryport friends.

     Several other members of the committee spoke  in a complimentary  strain
of Miss. INMAN’s peculiar talents. After  excellent speeches by Messrs. J.
CAMPBELL, J. ROSS, I. MOSSOP, J. KENDALL, and  others a pleasant evening was
spent in songs and hymns by Miss. INMAN, who never  seemed exhausted.

     The watch, which was supplied by Miss.  WALKER, Senhouse-street, is of
the best description. The inner case is  beautifully engraved with the
following inscription: -

     “Presented to Miss. INMAN by a few Maryport  friends, in appreciation of
her mission services.”