We have the best authority for stating that a paragraph which has  been going
the round of the local papers in reference to the Maryport Hematite  Iron
Company, is totally incorrect.


 No reply has yet been received from the Government relative to the  Trustees’
 memorial to the Treasury respecting the proposed changes in the  Customs
arrangements at Maryport.

 It has been suggested in some quarters that a public meeting should  be held
on the subject, but the matter would be better brought under the  official
notice by a deputation as proposed.


 The Midland Railway Company having decided to purchase the Furness  Lines,
speculation is once again rife whether the Maryport and Carlisle Railway  
Company will much longer maintain independent existence. If the Midland Railway  
company could but be induced to come to Maryport, what a change for the better  
there would be in the attitude of the London and North Western Company towards
 the public.

 There is no concealing the fact that the Midland Company is a popular  
company, whilst the London and North-Western Company is just the opposite. The  
former is ever ready to meet the wants and the requirements of the public;   the
latter to ignore them. The Maryport and Carlisle Railway Company is such an  
excellent property that we doubt whether the directors of that flourishing  
undertaking could be easily induced to part with their line on any terms.

 Unless the Midland Company leased the Maryport and Carlisle line we  do not
see how the former enterprising company could ever find its way down to  
Maryport except by obtaining running powers over the Whitehaven Junction  Railway.
We can imagine the London and North-Western Company allowing  this!