A painful instance of sudden death occurred on the railway  near Threlkeld
on Monday afternoon. A gang of platelayers having done some repairs at the
west end of the first bridge which crosses the Greta proceeded to the other
end. They had just commenced work when Mr John Hodgson, one of the men, was
seen to be apparently resting by the wall. As suddenly he fell backwards,
and his son in law, Mr Wm Lamb at once went to him and caught him in his
arms, but death ensued almost instantaneously. Dr Knight who happened to be
on the road to Threlkeld at the time, was hailed and he was able to certify
the cause of the death. The deceased, who was 66 years of age, had always
been looked upon a hale, hearty man. He leaves a widow and grown up family.
He was interred at Threlkeld church on Thursday.