Mr. Dunbar Usher 33 of Keswick, a member of Keswick Urban District Council
was killed on Saturday while climbing Scafell. He and a friend, Mr. John
Gibson Hayton, of Keswick, were climbing Stand Crag a 110 ft climb on the
South Face route. They had got nearly haIf way up and were on a ledge
when Usher found that he was unable to reach the handhold and asked Hayton
to move along the ledge and let him stand on his shoulders. Hayton did so,
but when Usher had stood on his shoulders for some time. he fell off down
the rock face for the full length of the loose rope - 4Oft to 5Oft. When
Hayton reached him he found Usher lying unconscious but alive. He shouted
for help, and then went down to a shepherd in the valley below. The shepherd
went to Usher while Hayton went to Wasdale for help. When he returned with a
rescue party Usher was found to be dead.