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The Times, Tuesday, Dec 21, 1830; pg. 3; Issue 14415; col E

                                     STATE OF THE COUNTRY.

In consequence of information received by the magistrates, a warrant was granted
for the apprehension of James MONTGOMERY, alias MENDHAM, a weaver, and one of
the Shaddon-gate radicals; but as he, with others suspected, had fled, and was
no where to be traced by the police, the magistrates, with the most praiseworthy
promptitude, on Saturday last issued the following placard, offering a reward of
50L. for his capture, and safe lodgment in any of His Majesty's gaols:-

"50L. Reward. - Whereas James MONTGOMERY, alias MENDHAM, weaver, is charged with
having been concerned in feloniously setting stacks on fire, near Carlisle, on
the 30th of November last, or in riotously aiding and abetting in preventing the
extinguishment of the said fires; a reward of 50L. is therefore hereby offered
to any person of persons who shall apprehend the said James MONTGOMERY,
otherwise MENDHAM, and lodge him in any of His Majesty's gaols."

This had soon the desired effect; for at a very early hour on the following
morning the prisoner was delivered up at the Police-office, by two of his own
connexions, who immediately claimed and received the reward. It is stated, that
feeling the inconvenience of proscription, and having no prospect of shifting
himself elsewhere, he had surrendered himself to his friends, and urged them to
deliver him up, and secure the tempting reward. He is charged, it will be
observed, with being concerned in setting stacks on fire, and if convicted of
this, his fate will be a dreadful example to the misguided faction which created
these outrages. He, along with those previously apprehended, have undergone
several examinations during the week, and are remained for further
examination. - Carlisle Patriot.