The Times, Friday, Dec 17, 1830; pg. 4; Issue 14412; col A

                                     STATE OF THE COUNTRY.
The acts of incendiarism in the vicinity of Carlisle, which we recorded last
week, we regret to state, were followed by another in the neighbourhood of
Dalston, on Sunday evening last. A wheat-stack belonging to Mrs. RICHARDSON, of
that place, was discovered on fire at so early an hour as six o'clock; and
though a large crowd of persons immediately assembled, and used their utmost
exertions to extinguish the flames, the work of devastation was so rapid, that
their efforts proved of no avail. No reason can be assigned for this infamous
deed, save the wicked and wanton spirit which actuates the misguided incendiary.
Mrs. RICHARDSON is esteemed, and deservedly so, by both rich and poor. -
Cumberland Packet.