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The Times, Monday, Nov 19, 1928; pg. 11; Issue 45054; col C

                              GIRL'S BODY IN RESERVOIR.
                        EMPLOYER FOUND HANGED.

Robert GILL, 38, a farmer, the employer of Sarah CORLETT, 19, who was found at the bottom of a manhole at Lamplugh Reservoir, near Whitehaven, on Monday, after she had been missing for about a month, was found hanging dead on Saturday in a barn on a farm adjoining his own. The tenant, Mr. BOWNESS, made the discovery and informed the police. GILL had been dead for some time.

When the body was searched some letters were found, including one addressed to GILL's wife and another to Superintendent MELVILLE, of Whitehaven, who has been conducting the inquiries. The contents of the letters will be revealed at the inquest, which is to be held this afternoon at Arlecdon.

On Friday night the police searched a disused cottage on GILL's farm, and afterwards closely questioned him regarding his use of the cottage, which was always locked, and of which he possessed the key, and clandestine meetings with the girl. These meetings he denied. This visit to the cottage was in development of the theory that the girl was murdered indoors and was not wearing her coat when struck down. The coat appeared to have been flung into the reservoir after the body. Meanwhile the police are still continuing their inquiries.

GILL was very well known in the district. He leaves a widow and four children, the youngest of whom is three and the eldest nine. He had been tenant of Arlecdon Farm, a holding of 200 acres, for nine years, but had taken no part in the social life of the village.

GILL gave evidence at the inquest on the body of the girl on Tuesday. He said that he had heard that she had a young man, but he did not come to the house and the witness had seen him only once.

Three days after the girl's disappearance a local clairvoyant stated that the girl would be found in a well. She described how she saw in her crystal the girl under a heap of stones and how she felt she would be moved presently to the well. She felt that the girl had been murdered and told her mother the name of the man she thought had done it. There were two other people who knew something about the case, and there was one who heard the girl's cries when she was killed.