The Times, Monday, Feb 20, 1871; pg. 11; col D

                              SPRING ASSIZES.
                           NORTHERN CIRCUIT.

                              CARLISLE, FEB. 18.     [cont.]

         CROWN COURT. - (Before Baron MARTIN.)

In the charge of murder against three "navvies," named William CASELEY, John
WHITE, and Charles PARKER, for having murdered one William COX, a "navvy," at
Armathwaite, on the 15th of October last,

Mr. KAY, Q.C. (with whom was Mr. HERSCHELL), for the prosecution, applied on
affidavit to postpone the trial, on the ground of the absence of two of the
witnesses for the prosecution, whose evidence was material.

Mr. CAMPBELL FOSTER, for the defence, said the prisoners had been a long time in
prison on this charge, and there was nothing in the affidavit to connect them
with the absence of the witnesses.

His LORDSHIP thought the application ought to be granted, but he would allow the
prisoners to be liberated on reasonable bail, to appear to take their trial at
the next assizes.

This case concluded the criminal business.


Earlier this week I transcribed the trial of the three "navvies" at the July
1871 assizes - note how some of their names have changed! William CASELEY became
William KAISELEY, and William COX became Cornelius COX.