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THE TIMES, Friday, February 2, 1866


A large meeting of farmers was held at Brampton, Cumberland, on Wednesday, for the purpose of organizing an association for checking the spread of the cattle plague in Brampton Union and stamping it out wherever it appears.

The chair was taken by MR. DACRE, of Kirklinton-hall.  It was reported that during the past week the overseers had commenced to collect the voluntary rate resolved upon last week, as reported in "The Times", and had met with a ready consent to pay it in almost every instance.

The chairman stated, however, that in the case of the county association which he had promoted at the Quarter Sessions, he had only met with coldness at Penrith and in other places where the plague had not yet appeared. 

After a short discussion, a series of resolutions was carried, adopting for Brampton Union the system pursued in Aberdeenshire.  It was stated that in the case of "stamping out" at Swaites, near Brampton last week, a mistake had been committed.  Both diseased and healthy stock were destroyed.

In future only those will be killed that show symptoms of disease.

A cattle plague association has been formed on the Netherby estate (SIR F. GRAHAM's) for the purpose of putting down the disease if it should make its appearance, and for compensating persons for cattle killed or destroyed on account thereof.

A rate of 6d. in the pound has been made on the rateable value of the farm - one half paid by the landlord, and the other half by the tenants, the rate to be extended to 1s. in the pound if required.